Set up your individual and family Account

1. Click here to begin process of entering your Account then click Continue.

2. Fill out all fields and click Submit to complete the Account setup process.

3. Be sure to do this for ALL FAMILY MEMBERS who will be registering for or paying for (Parents/Guardians) memberships. New family members can be added by going to your account page and clicking the Add Household Member link.

Registering for a Membership

1. Registrations can be initiated by either clicking on the Enroll button on the Membership List page or while viewing the Membership Detail.

2. This will display the Membership Enrollment form. Choose the appropriate Fee Type, check all Members enrolling in that Membership, and click Save.

3. The new membership will be added to your Shopping Cart and is ready for Payment. At this point, you can add more memberships to the shopping cart or complete the registration(s) by going through the Payment/Checkout process.

Checkout and Payments

1. Registrations are NOT complete until you go through the Checkout process. If there are pending registrations in your cart, go to your Shopping Cart and click Checkout.

2. You will be directed to the Waiver page where you must click Accept to continue.

3. Fill out credit card information and click Continue. You will then be presented with a summary of the transaction (including processing fees). Click OK to complete the transaction or Cancel to go back.

4. If you clicked OK, your credit card will be processed and the registration process will be complete.